We at SteriTech pride ourselves for respecting animals rights with a plus.
Originally developed to meet the high level disinfecting standards of medical facilities, our products have been adapted for veterinary and livestock production use without any changes to the quality or effectiveness of the products.
The use of Sterivet’s extensive range of disinfecting products has been shown to improve animal health, decrease mortality, and increase productivity in poultry, cattle and hog farms, equine stables, catteries, and kennels.

Hand Hygiene

Proper hand disinfection is essential for animal caregivers to reduce cross-contamination.

Whether from one animal to another or from animals to humans, the use of Sterivet hand hygiene products helps in decreasing the transmission of diseases, especially since these products have a large anti-microbial spectrum. Being gentle on the skin and suitable for frequent use contributes to increasing the caregiver’s compliance with established disinfection protocols.

Instrument Disinfection

Instrument Disinfection is not only essential in reducing contamination, but also preserves the instruments from pitting and corrosion.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

Sterivet Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants effectively remove organic and microbial soiling from surfaces.

Properly cleaned surfaces allow for better disinfection, reduce disease transmission from biting files and mosquitoes that cause stress to the animals, and decrease the risk of fungal infections that can lead to serious illness if not promptly and adequately treated.

Surface Disinfection

The value added featuyre of Sterivet broasd spectrum disinfectants is their ability to be applied safely utilizing various systems, such as high pressure cleaners, automated misting systems, or neblizers to reduce contamination on surfaces, control malodors, and improve the respiratory health of the animals.
Sterivet Surface Disinfectants are of a low toxic nature and are free of toxic phenols, aldehydesm chlorines, and triclosans.

Special Products

High humidity and hot weather, high intensity breeding, and confined or unclean environments can all lead to skin infections, lesions, and more complicated illnesses if wounds are not managed properly.

Prevention remains the best practice, whether in providing proper hygiene and cultural practices, proper anti-fungal shampoo, or proper wound treatments.
VET SHAMPOO can be used preventively and curatively to treat fungal and bacterial infections in animal’s coat and keep the coat glossy and clean.
WOUND GEL promotes the healing of animals’ wounds by forming a protective barrier over the wound and preventing cross-contamination. Beneath the surface WOUND GEL assists thebody’s natural defenses by working hard against pathogens threatening with infection. The presence of Bitrex keeps flies away and prevents the animal from licking its wounds. Emollients in the gel promote the development of new tissues and cells.

Our “special” but highly demanded products pamper and heal!