Proper Hygiene and disinfection are basics in disease prevention and should be an integral part in our lifestyle.

These steps are not however just simple acts of prevention or a certain lifestyle. They are about protecting what is most dear: our health, our loved ones and our homes.
Sterihome offers a wide range of user friendly and high safety profile products to help you protect what is most dear.

Hand Hygiene

Infectious diseases continue to be a health challenge and economic burden within our communities.  Though effective hand hygiene education is critical, there has been a steady decline in hygiene promotion, especially in the home.

 The impact of poor hand hygiene habits is linked to increased occurrences of illness, absences, and their associated costs. A renewed commitment to “shared responsibility” in our homes and classrooms may be one of our most important infection prevention strategies.

 Body & Skin

Skin in the first barrier that protects the body from pathogens. A healthy skin makes a stronger shield.

Proper hygiene and moisturinzing help protect you skin. Sterihome Body and Skin products help protect it even further, each is its specific way, by preventing infections, reducing irritation, or boosting healing of wounds.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

No surface can be properly disinfected if not properly cleaned.

Since proper cleaning is an essential step prior ti disinfection, dual action products that clean and disinfect simultaneously are practical solutions for the home. These products are particularly handy in hygiene sensitive areas and in the presence of kids where disinfection is a critical step along with proper cleaning.

Sterihome surface disinfection and cleaners are user friendly products designed to meet the practical needs of today’s society, cutting down on chore times without losing their efficacy in cleaning and disinfection.

Surface Disinfection

While proper cleaning in considered a basic hygienic routine, proper disinfection is a must especially in hygiene sensitive areas and in times of sickness.
Special care is recommended in bathrooms and kitchens. Body fluids contain contaminants that can become a threat to susceptible persons when bathrooms are not properly disinfected and contamination can be passed to food preparing areas if hand hygiene is not respected.
Similarly, raw foods such as meats and vegetables can easily contaminate other foods. Using separate cutting boards, and separate storing places as well as keeping your surfaces properly disinfected helps you avoid spreading germs, preventing cross contamination and halting the spread of diseas whether directly or indirectly.

Special products

Products under this group are either uncategorized, appear in more than one particular category of use, or are simply products that have unique characteristics that set them apart.

By all means they are special products. Discover…