Disease outbreaks such as the recent H1N1 virus, the SARS virus, or the Salmonella and E.Coli outbreaks in the food market, have increased business owner’s awareness and vigilance on adopting and complying with proper disinfection protocols.

Due to its direct or indirect impact on cost increase and quality, proper disinfection has become an integral part of good manufacturing practices and/ or customer care services in all areas including the educational, food processing, hospitality, and services sectors.
Proper disinfection is essential, and choosing the right product for effective protection and optimal client satisfaction has never been more important.
Take the leap with Steriserve.

The hospitality industry, transportation facilities and educational and commercial institutions are havens for germs and pathogens.
To reduce hazardous effects on both personnel and customers proper sanitary conditions and infection prevention measures are to be established and followed.

At SteriTech, we work with you to develop tailored made solutions for proper hygiene control through our unique range of products that take you an extra mile in customer service. Our green culture and HACCP compliance provide practical answers to your specific needs.

Hand Hygiene

The 3 Ps: Product, Place and Promotion increase compliance with proper hand hygiene protocols.

Product: choosing the right product, whether a soap or a hand sanitizer, that ensures the user’s comfort is essential.

Place: placing the product in where it is needed and easily reached, helps in maintaining the correct protocol.
Promotion: Promoting the product with the right persuasive communications increases awareness and compliance.
Steriserve hand hygiene products and protocols help you “preserve” you 3P’s. Use them and ask for them.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

Steriserve Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants have good material compatibility and can be safely used on tiles, ceramics, marble tops, non-corrosive metallic surfaces such as stainless and sluminium , synthetic surfaces such as PVC and vinyl, and on painted surfaces. Furthermore, these products comply with food safety standards, have low tosicity levels, and are highly effective at cleaning and disinfecting simultaneously.

Surface Disinfection

Broad Spectrum. High Safety Profile. Excellent Material Compatibility. Rapid Disinfection Time. Versatility. Residual Effect. Compatibility with Food Hygiene Standards…

Steriserve surface disinfection products: High Quality Products for High Quality Service. Discover.

Airborne Microbial Control

Confronting the risk of airborne microbial contamination in enclosed, high-use venues requires the consideration of an effective air disinfection product.

Steriserve AIR SANITIZER is that product. It reduces the risk of airborne transmitted diseases and is a good addition to waiting rooms or shared working places. In addition to offering a high safety profile, it is odorless and has a broad spectrum activity a silent, unnoticeable but highly effective companion.

Special Products

The least to be said about products in this category is that they are worth being explored and tried.

They offer practical solutions in areas where disinfection might be a plus, but where customer feedback centainly would be piositive.

STERÔMA: your one and only solution to odor control.
Laundry ADD PRO: the laundry additive that ensures a good night’s sleep.