The Sterident range or product was tailored to provide a solution for all applications in dental practices.

Instruments, working environment, personal hygiene, and even the air are covered through specific, highly advanced disinfecting products that are both effective and safe to the user, the patients, and the environment.

A holistic approach for proper infection control to ensure staff and patient protection.

The unique nature of dental procedures, instrumentation and patient-care settings requires specific strategies for the prevention of diseasetransmission among health care workers and their patients.

SteriTechTM’s special formulation allows your clinic to meet all infection control measures by safeguarding your instrumentation, personnel and premises with effective, user friendly and broad spectrum products.

Hand Hygiene

Since almost 80% of diseases are spread via contact transmission, the correct use of hand hygiene products is considered the primary weapon in the infection control arsenal in the battle of reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.
Sterident hand hygiene products were designed in respect of both rigorous hand hygiene standards and healthcare providers’ comfort. With a skin friendly pH, added emollients, mild ingredients and broad spectrum activity, Sterident products are a quality indication of patients’ safety.

Insruments & Equipment

Selecting and buying the best dental instruments is a primary concern for dentists. For the proper processing, cleaning and disinfection, of such precision instruments, dentists rely on Sterident.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

A clean and safe working environment is important in eliminating the risk of cross-contamination.
Proper cleaning and disinfection creates a healthier working environment but also provides clients with more reassurance.
Sterident Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants are practical and effective products that clean and disinfect simultaneously for maximum time efficiency.

Surface Disinfection

While direct contact remains the mode through which infection is most widely spread, indirect contact via infected surfaces still remains an important factor in cross- contamination.
Sterident Surface Disinfectants have a large anti-microbial spectrum, offer high material compatibility, and have quick and effective action. These attributes make them practical for use in between clients where time is of the essence and makes it easy to integrate them into surface disinfection protocols.

Airborne Microbial Control

Confront in the risk of airborne microbial contamination in enclosed, high-use venues requires the consideration of an effective air disinfection product.
Sterident AIR SANITIZER is that product. It reduces the risk of airborne transmitted diseases and is a good addition to waiting rooms or shared working places. In addition to offering a high safety profile, it is odorless and has a broad spectrum activity a silent, unnoticeable but highly effective companion.

Special Products 

No products range is complete without a particular “special” product.
Microphage and SANI WIPES Alcohol based and Alcohol Free say it all. Use the, like them, use them…. It’s so that good that it could become addictive.