The major battle in improving the quality of patient care and elimination additional costs in healthcare facilities is through reducing the risk of healthcare acquired infections (HAI)

In that regard, proper hand disinfection is regarded as the primary weapon. However, since disease transmission occurs via different routes, the infection control cycle cannot be adequately addressed unless through a holistic approach. Sterimed products were developed with that in mind, formulated to control the various modes, instruments, surfaces, soiled laundry or the air.

In addition, Sterimed products’ low toxicity levels, easy and restricted time table increasing compliance to protocols and facilitating Sterimed integration any infection control program.

Hand Hygiene

Since almost 80% of diseases are spread via contact transmission, the correct use of hand hygiene products is considered the primary weapon in the infection control arsenal in the battle of reducing the risk of nosocomial infections.

Frequent hand washing and hand disinfection imposed by hospital protocols could cause discomfort, irritation and itching. Sterimed hand hygiene products were designed in respect of both rigorous hand hygiene standards and healthcare providers’ comfort. With a skin friendly pH, added emollients, mild ingredients and broad spectrum activity, Sterimed products are a quality indication of patients’ safety.

Instruments Reprocessing

Cleaning os instruments in the fosrt step of disinfection and sterilization. Material compatibility, recommended dosage and time are the major points of the disinfection process.

Organic load should be removed from instruments by pre-cleaning and thus increase the disinfection effect. Water quality is also important for cleaning nad disinfection.

SteriTechTM range products provide a high level performance with effective corrosion inhibition and outstanding compatibility with most of materials.

Surface Cleaning & Disinfection

Sterimed Surfaces Cleaners and Disinfectants’ main attribute relies on its powerful action on organic matter mainly blood and other surgical wastes.
Our attributes exceed however the effective cleaning to simultaneous cleaning and disinfection, which cuts down on labor time; an essential matter for healthcare facilities.
With a deep cleaning action, short application time, simple dilution rates and good material compatibility, Sterimed Surface Cleaners and Disinfectants can be easily adopted.

Surface Disinfection

Sterimed Surface Disinfectants have a high safety profile, good material compatibility and good maneuverability.

Sterimed Surface Disinfectants allow for effective and rapid intermediate and high level disinfection, meeting disinfection requirements in critical and non-critical areas as well as the restricted timetables in healthcare facilities. Their formulation also offers good maneuverability which allows for the products to be applied in various ways such as pulverization, wiping or fumigation, facilitating their use and their integration any disinfection protocol.

Special Products

This category addresses products that do not belong to one particular category

They are products for specific uses, such as laundry additives, equipment lubricants, airborne microbial control products…discover them each on their own.