CAS-5 is a concentrated solution for intermediate level disinfection of hard and soft surfaces, as well as surfaces of medical equipment.
CAS-5 can be used through wiping or spraying.

CAS-5 is:
-safe; aldehyde, chlorine and phenol free.
-non-toxic and non-irritant.
-good material compatibility with metals, painted surfaces, synthetic surfaces (vinyl, fiber, PVC), rubber and glass.
-non-caustic, non-staining and non-corrosive.
-fragrance and colorant free.
-contains rust inhibitors.
-fast and effective.

Instruction for use:

For surfaces and equipment: Dilute CAS-5 at 1:4 by adding 1L of CAS-5 to 4L of water.
Wiping or spraying: Spray evenly or wipe over surfaces, and leave to dry.
Fumigation: Determine volume of the space to be
disinfected. Use CAS-5 at a rate of 10ml/m³. Leave to dry, surface must be clean before disinfection.
For personnel misting: Dilute CAS-5 at 1:9 by adding 1L of CAS-5 to 9L of water, application rate 0.25ml/sec.
Stability of the unused diluted solution: 7days.