POLYVALENT is an all-purpose concentrated antimicrobial solution for general disinfection such as surface, fabric and air disinfection.

POLYVALENT controls malodors.

-Non-toxic and non-irritant
-Non-corrosive and non-caustic
-Safe, contains no phenols, no chlorine and no aldehydes
-Dual action: disinfects and deodorizes
-Disinfects effectively and rapidly in 5 minutes
-Removes malodors from surfaces and fabrics
-Economical: disinfects and deodorizes effectively at low concentrations

Recommended for:

-Disinfection of all hard surfaces such as floors, tiles, walls, counter-tops, manicure tables and trolleys, pedicure chairs, footbaths, chair, sinks, trays, and facial beds.
-Disinfection of all soft surfaces such as pedicure chairs, footbaths, chairs, massage tables, etc.
-Disinfection in hygiene sensitive areas such as toilets, shower and bathtubs.
-Air sanitization in hygiene sensitive areas and enclosed spaces.