STERILE-FORTE is a ready to use cold sterilant for disinfecting and sterilizing tools and implements.

STERILE-FORTE is also used as a holding medium for tools to maintain sterility.

-Non-toxic and non-irritant
-Contains corrosion inhibitors to prevent rust
-Non-caustic and non-staining
-Safe, contains no phenols, no chlorine and no aldehydes
-Sporocidal at 20 minutes
-Economical, lasts 28 days for moderate use or 21 days for heavy use
-Safe on metal, rubber, latex, silicone, glass and plastic
-Requires no activator, doesn’t become airborne and doesn’t polymerize. Its lifespan in a closed container is only dependent on frequency of use.

Recommended for:

-Cold sterilization of tools and implements such as clippers, nippers, scissors, cuticle pushers, nail bits, and other metal instruments.
-Holding medium for tools and implements to maintain sterility
-Heat sensitive instruments
-Instruments sensitive to rust.