HAND WIPES are disinfecting wipes for general use.

-Non-caustic and non-irritant can be used frequently without any determined effects.
-Non-caustic, non-staining and non-corrosive
-Biodegradable, contains no phenols, no chlorine and no aldehydes.
-Contain no cellulose and no alcohol
-Do not leave any lint on surfaces
-Good material compatibility with all surfaces such as painted surfaces, tiles, synthetic material ( PVC, vinyl, fiber), metallic surfaces, and glass.
-Available sizes: 100 wipes

Recommended Uses:

-Hand disinfection
-Instruments and equipment disinfection
-Surfaces disinfection and cleaning during day-to-day work to sanitize surfaces such as work stations, door handles, telephones, desks, computer keyboard, tables, can tops, and similar other surfaces.