SPRAY SHIELD is a ready to use spray for disinfecting hard surfaces, material and fabrics as well as for air sanitization.

-Non-toxic and non-irritant; requires no skin protection and no respiratory protection.
-Non-caustic, non-staining, and non-corrosive
-Has a pleasant lemon fragrance
-Quick and effective
-Excellent material compatibility.
-Available sizes: 650ml

Recommended Uses:

-Disinfection of all hard surfaces throughout the home especially in hygiene sensitive area as bathrooms. Used for disinfecting countertops, tiles, sinks, toilet seats, bathrooms, fixtures, door handles, rails, garbage bins, etc.
-Disinfection of material and fabrics as shower curtains, beds, mattress, pillows etc.
-Disinfection of toys especially stuffs toys.
-Air sanitization.