DAS is a ready to use solution for general surface disinfection including hard surfaces, material and fabrics, fruits and vegetables and well as air sanitization.

-Non-toxic; can safely be used to disinfects fruits and vegetables without a final rinse
-Non-irritant; requires no skin protection, no eye protection and no respiratory protection.
-Non-caustic, non-staining and non-corrosive with excellent material compatibility
-Compliant with food safety standards; can safely be used in food preparation areas.
-Available sizes: 650 ml

Recommended Uses:

-Disinfection of all hard surfaces throughout the home especially in hygiene sensitive area as the bathrooms and kitchens. Used to disinfect tiles, counters, refrigerator racks, garbage bins, etc.
-Disinfection of all soft surfaces as beds, mattresses, pillows, sofas, etc.
-Disinfection of toys including stuffed and soft toys.
-Allergy control by killing house dust mites.
-Fruit and vegetable disinfection.