STRI CLEAN is a concentrated solution for cleaning and disinfecting all hard surfaces throughout the home including painted surfaces, metals and tiles.

-Effectively removes organic soiling
-Disinfects rapidly in only 5 minutes
-Compliant with food hygiene standards
-Non-toxic and non-irritant, no protective clothing is required but on sensitive skin while using the concentrate
-Non-caustic, non-staining and non-corrosive
-Safe on ceramics, tile, painted surfaces, non-corrosive metals, glass and synthetic surfaces such as PVC, and vinyl
-Contains no aldehydes, no phenols and no chlorine
-Available sizes: 1L 

Recommended Uses: 

-Safe and effective cleaning and disinfection of all soiled areas
-Cleaning and disinfection of all hygiene sensitive areas such as bathrooms tiles, sinks, toilet seats, tubs, shower curtains and fixtures
-Cleaning and disinfection of all washable surfaces in food preparation and storage areas such as kitchen tiles, countertops, ovens, hoods, refrigerator racks, etc.
-Eradication of moulds, mildew and fungal growth in buildings.