ODORACT is a ready to use disinfectant with odor neutralizing properties.
ODORACT can be used through wiping, as a spray or through misting systems when needed.

-Safe; phenol, aldehydes, and chlorine free.
-Good material compatibility with metals, painted surfaces synthetic surfaces (vinyl, fiber, PVC), rubber and glass.
-Non-caustic, non-staining and non-corrosive.
-Dual action; disinfection and odor neutralization.
-Selective action on malodors.
-Available sizes: 240ml, 1L &5L

Recommended Uses:

-Disinfection of surfaces particularly in places where malodors are persistent.
-Controlling malodors in the air such as malodors from solvents, organic wastes, and noxious gazes particularly hydrogen sulphide gases, ammonia, and mercaptans.
-Where malodors are persistent via installed misting systems.